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Once every village in the French countryside had at least one, often several unique postcards. With the depopulation of the villages the postcards also disappeared. The old ones have become popular collectors items, passionately traded by many collectors. The supply of new postcards is now impoverished to cheap generalities.

CC*Cartes wants to make a difference with the publication and distribution of new local and regional postcards. In small quantities and of high quality that will do justice to the regional beauty. Because the beautiful French countryside, with its quaint villages, winding roads and varied landscape, is still worth to be brought to the attention!

sales addresses

  • Casteren Création, Annette van Casteren
    8, rue de la Petite Voie, 70500 Bougey
    sur RdV: 03 84 92 27 08
  • Office Tourisme, Jussey
  • Maison de la Presse, Jussey
  • Eco Marché, Corre
  • Camping la Jonquille, Hurécourt

order postcards

Every card has a unique number, you can find that number underneath the image when you click on the corresponding thumbnail. Use this number to fill in the purchase order form and send this form to:

Casteren Création
8 rue de la Petite Voie
70500 Bougey
tel: 03 84 92 27 08 / 06 84 47 68 45

Download the purchase orderform by clicking here: purchase order form.


The price per card depends on the total number of cards ordered.

Nombre TTC total tva 20% HT HT la carte
1 1,- 0,17 0,83 1,-
10 9,- 1,50 7,50 0,90
25 20,- 3,33 16,67 0,80
100 60,- 10,- 50,- 0,60
>200   0,08 0,42 0,50