The passion for photography started long ago when I was a little girl. In the darkroom of my father I saw for the first time an image of myself appearing on photo paper, that was such a magical moment! The magic never disappeared, not even when the pixel arrived. Maybe the nostalgia for the chemical darkroom odors nourished the hunger for images even more. And digital photographie brought color into the picture, before I only knew black and white.
Graduated as a graphic designer at the Academy of Arts, photography is still in the blood. And since I live in France it has become an increasingly larger part of the work. The enchanting scenery and the vastness of Haute SaƓne inspire, but also the world a lot closer - light, things, people, events; everywhere you look there's a beautiful picture to shoot. In the courses and workshops the leading goal is to share both knowledge and that inspiration. It's amazing to see what other people create then.

Black and white
Back to the roots, where it all started. More and more the old black and white film photography comes back into the picture. Taking out the color of a photo, for me the essence of the picture appears: lines, rhythm, contrast ... that's where I feel comfortable. So much so that the old darkroom is dusted and the old Nikon FE is again charged with a black-and-white film. Besides a number of digital shots in the slideshow Black and white, the slideshow Trees shows the first newly created analog shots. Is to be continued!