analog | film photography

Back to film photography, or as it is so beautifully called in French: photographie argentique silver photography, which better covers the load. Return to work with the old cameras and films. That feels familiar. Photographing on film, with only a limited number of shots available, forces to work differently, more concentrated. Try to take that one photo with preferably only one shot. Don't keep rattling on and then no longer know which one is the best. No choice stress afterwards.

Instead of using chemical, toxic products, more and more often I develop the films in caffenol, a self-brewed developer based on coffee. Completely ecological.

In the darkroom, I print the photos in the old-fashioned - analog - way, an old craft that I love. That gives prints, each one made with time, care and attention and therefore unique. On old photo paper, as long as available, which gives exceptional and sometimes unexpected results. (See: Prints) Digital processing is also a good option. Digitizing negatives and further processing in the computer offers all the possibilities of modern photo editing. That only increases the palette.


All photos are for sale. Prints on old faber-based paper (baryt) to a very limited extent and 'while stocks last'. The size and type of paper depend on what is (still) available and 'gone = gone' applies absolutely. Prices on request.
The prices for digital prints can be found on page Photogallery.